C A R E F U L L Y   T H O U G H T - O U T   H O M E

About us

Carefully thought-out homes are our unique approach to the housing market.

We do everything we can to make family life comfortable: we carefully consider the location of projects in the city, we only choose areas with excellent connection networks and a safe neighborhood.

We strive for the settlers to return home with joy: we take care of the aesthetics of the buildings and the yard, the surrounding greenery, the safety of families, the storage of cars and bicycles, warehouses, elevators, and so on. We are always looking for the best price-quality ratio - we guarantee long-lasting quality and ergonomic solutions.

Our sincere work has paid off - during 9 years of successful work, more than 1,000 happy families have already settled in the homes we created.

58 000 m2 of residential housing built

More than 1,000 happily settled families!

The value of implemented projects – EUR 80 million

A careful approach to each client

We are one of the ten most successful developers in Lithuania

We have been operating for 9 years

Our team

For more than 9 years, we have been growing steadily with having a common goal of creating quality and cozy homes in mind. It is this vision that has united the energetic and youthful LITHOME team: with different competencies, attention to detail, creative and responsible – it is us who work for you every day.

Dozens of successful projects of various scopes